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We take your health seriously. All of our products are made using only the best ingredients, backed up by research and manufactured in an FDA registered facility. Buy from a trusted source and protect what matters with Elderberry Hill.


Liquid Multivitamin Morning Formula

energy boost essential nutrients overall wellness

Liquid Nighttime Formula

balance calm and stability better and deeper sleep relaxation of mind and body

Elderberry Syrup

antioxidant immune support overall well-being

Vitamin C Liquid Drops

antioxidant common cold prevention overall well-being

Ionic Zinc

immune support memory and learning boost shiny skin

Elderberry Hill is my go-to brand when it comes to supplements! I was looking for specific things and they have them all! They’re vegan, non-GMO, and have a wonderful taste. Plus, they don’t contain added sugar or common allergens. I love that they’re all liquid-based so I don’t have to deal with pills. Totally recommend them!


As a vegan mom of two, I always make sure that everything I buy is of superior quality! I like this company because all of their products meet my requirements and their gentle formulas are great for my kids, as well. I could see an improvement just after a couple of doses and the delicious, fruity flavor is a bonus. Good work!


My doctor recommended this brand of supplements to me as a better alternative to the pills I was taking before. Elderberry Hill has only liquid supplements that work better for me than anything else I’ve tried. They have a pleasant taste and a high-absorption rate, so you can feel the effects right away. Worth every penny!

  • Made with care
  • Naturally harvested in the wild
  • 10x stronger
  • 100% vegan, no added sugars

What's the hype with elderberries?

Harvested for thousands of years, the Black Elderberries or Sambucus Nigra have always been a reliable source of nutrition and health. Rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, these small berries have big benefits for your immune system and overall health. Taken daily, they provide a powerful immune booster and can support respiratory health.

Small Berries, Big Benefits

Elderflowers and elderberries are very nutritious and have anti-oxidant properties. They are rich in Bioflavonoids, Choline, Vitamin C, Omega 3 & Omega acids, giving them their wonderful anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. They can be a miracle in disguise when it comes to our well-being, our skin and our mental health.