5 Benefits of a good night's sleep

5 Benefits of a good night's sleep

by Sally Walters

What could be more pleasant than a restful night’s sleep after a hard day or an intense workout? Few things can compare to the state of peace and relaxation that a deep sleep induces in our body. It fills us with vitality and prepares us for a new day in this world where we’re always on the run, using up all our energy reserves and feeling increasingly stressed and tired. Both physically and mentally.
After several studies and researches, American scientists have discovered that sleep, among other things, plays a role in restoring the stock of certain brain cells. In other words, while we sleep, our brain is still awake producing an essential material called myelin, which has the role of protecting the brain circuits.
Many people think they lose valuable time if they sleep. In reality, a good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your overall health.

1. Improves memory
Surprisingly, when we sleep, our mind remains very active, “working” at the highest levels. While the body goes to rest, the mind goes through various processes that help strengthen and improve memory. It exercises the skills and new discoveries we learned when we were awake. When it comes to studying, specialists recommend starting immediately after you wake up because that’s when your brain is revitalized and you are the most focused.

2. Reduces stress
What could be more reassuring for your body than a well-deserved break to recharge its batteries? Apparently, sleep is the best way to eliminate as much stress as possible from your life. Thanks to a good night’s sleep, we can relax, collect our thoughts, and get mentally stronger.


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3. Maintain a healthy body weight
Specialists at the University of Chicago have found that lack of sleep reduces the body's ability to regulate the quantity of hormones that control appetite, resulting in increased hunger and preference for high-carbohydrate foods. Lack of sleep reduces the amount of leptin, a peptide hormone, which tells the brain that you no longer need food and increases the amount of ghrelin, the hormone that increases the feeling of hunger.
A restful sleep, along with a balanced diet and daily exercise, leads to a healthier life.

4. Stimulates your immune system
During sleep, your body produces cytokines (immune hormones) and antibodies that combat infections and also help the immune system heal the body when you are stressed or exposed to harmful factors such as pollution, bacteria, or viruses. Since a good night’s sleep strengthens your immunity, it’s essential to allow yourself time to rest and recover when you don’t feel well.

5. Sleep makes you happier
A sleepless night can ruin your day. You probably already know this because you've noticed that when you're not well rested, you get out of bed grumpy. Studies show that sleep contributes directly to your happiness so simply getting enough sleep will help make you feel better. Who would have thought that the road to happiness was paved with pillows and blankets?
Healthy sleeping habits can change your life. If you’re wondering what you can do for a peaceful and restful night’s sleep…

-Establish a bedtime routine

-Adopt a healthy lifestyle

-Make time for exercise


-Avoid watching TV or using your laptop before bed.

-Make sure you take your daily dose of Elderberry Hill's Nighttime FormulaIt reduces stress levels, improves your mood, and helps you enjoy a good, quality night’s sleep.

Source: Freepik