5 Mother’s day ideas to take care of your mom

Happy Mother’s Day, moms! We should celebrate mothers everyday for their hard work in raising us, and for their unconditional love and support. They are the gentle warriors that soothe us when we’re hurt, that encourage us to do great things. They are our own personal cheerleaders and our fiercest defenders. 

 Here are our 5 Mother’s Day ideas that will make your mom happy  

We wanted to make this Mother’s Day special, so we thought of  how to make your mom happy. Here’s a list of wonderful, heartfelt gestures and simple gifts for Mother’s Day:

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1. Make Her a Momtastic Smoothie

Suprise your mother with a special smoothie made with love! Smoothies are a great way to start the day and they are full of tasty nutrients. For Mother’s Day, we have a simple recipe for you. 
What you’ll need:
Almond milk, or any kind of milk your mom likes
Fresh strawberries and blueberries
Vanilla Greek yoghurt for great taste and extra protein

Add a few drops of Elderberry Hill syrup to your smoothie as it will taste delicious, and will also provide your mom with the essential nutrients she needs. 

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2. Help Your Momma Sleep Like a Baby 

Sometimes it feels like our mothers never sleep. They are always on their feet, always running errands, and making sure we have everything we need. But the truth is, they need sleep just as much as we do, and they often struggle with falling asleep. 

Give your mother the precious gift of a restful slumber with our Liquid Nighttime Formula. It contains all the minerals and vitamins the body needs to relax after a long day and it will help her rest properly.

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3. Super Mom Deserves Super Vitality 

Sadly, you can’t make more hours in a day for your mom. We checked! But what you can do is offer her a helping hand that will boost her vitality and energy levels. Our Multivitamin Morning Formula is full of vitamins and minerals that will get her up and running in no time. She’ll finally have time for work, your brother’s soccer practice, and some quality moments just for herself.

4. Let Her Breathe Easy Knowing The Whole Family Is Safe 

Moms worry about us because that’s what they do! Take this burden off her chest by letting her know everyone’s in good shape and feeling great. Our Liquid Vitamin C Drops for the whole family may strengthen the whole body and boost your immunity. Your mom will be so happy to see you take better care of yourself.

5. The Power of “I Love You”

Talk to her more often. It may seem small, but you can literally make her day just by calling to see how she is and to tell her what you’re up to. Tell her how much you love her every chance you get. We often think our love for our parents is a given, but believe me, they adore hearing it from us. It’s a nice reminder that we appreciate them and that we’re thinking of them. Also, a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers will do the trick.

It’s a simple gesture, but it speaks volumes.

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Hope you liked our ideas for Mother’s Day. You don’t have to search further for things to get your mom, just show her how much you care in a simple way.

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