5 Nutrients For Cinco De Mayo

5 Nutrients For Cinco De Mayo

by Sally Walters

Get your sombreros out people, it’s May 5th

Every year, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated by at least 11% of US adults. It’s a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage and it involves eating some delicious foods. We’re talking about enchiladas, tacos, huevos rancheros, mexican barbeque, guacamole, and many other yummy recipes.

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If you’re preparing for a food fiesta, you should also consider what supplements are good for the digestive system

Every holiday comes with a lot of food so you should make sure you take care of your body properly and keep some supplements for stomach health nearby. Nothing ruins the mood like indigestion!

Here are some vitamins, minerals, and stomach supplements that will support your digestive system:

1. B Vitamins

These might be the best supplements for digestive problems. B vitamins help your body create red blood cells and gain energy from foods. They help the stomach to function correctly, supporting your digestive health. Our Vegan B-Complex Liquid Drops could be just what you need to enjoy the holiday in peace. They’re easy to take and have a fast absorption rate.  

2. Vitamin C 

Did you know that Vitamin C can actually help you digest food better? It has amazing antioxidant properties, helping the body absorb iron and protecting your gums and teeth. Iron can support the good bacteria in the gut, so you can eat those empanadas with confidence. Our Vitamin C Liquid Drops taste like orange & vanilla and are great for the whole family. 

3. Zinc 

This essential mineral is important for digestive enzyme production. Even a mild zinc deficiency can cause leaky gut. That is as unpleasant as it sounds! You can take our Ionic Zinc Liquid Drops and rest assured you get the daily intake your body needs. It’s gentle on the stomach and made from organic, vegan ingredients. 

4. Selenium 

This important mineral may enhance the gut’s response to any kind of inflammation. Selenium deficiency can increase stress and inflammation, which can lead to leaky gut. Add a multivitamin formula that contains Selenium, amongst other crucial vitamins and minerals, to your wellness routine. Our Nighttime Multivitamin formula contains Selenium, as well as Zinc, Magnesium and many other nutrients. 

5. Magnesium 

Our Cinco de Mayo health tips wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Magnesium. It’s an essential mineral for your overall well-being and it can also reduce inflammation in the gut. Magnesium is one of the key ingredients in our Nighttime formula, so you should opt for it if you want to protect your digestive system, and also to obtain a peaceful sleep. We all know how important sleep is, especially after an intense holiday like Cinco de Mayo. 

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That’s it, party people! With the right kinds of supplements, you can indulge in all the spicy, savory food that you’re preparing (or just eating). You definitely won’t regret it the next day, when you wake up feeling fresh and light, with no bloating or upset stomach in sight! 

So keep calm, eat Mexican food, and maybe drink a Margarita for us too!