6 Tips To Help You Enjoy A More Balanced Life

6 Tips To Help You Enjoy A More Balanced Life

by Sally Walters


January is known as Get A Balanced Life Month. As we all know, New Year comes with new resolutions, plans, and willingness to improve our lives.

2020 has been a roller coaster with so many challenges. We all learned to embrace life, appreciate others more, nurture our relationships, and practice gratitude.

But, above all these, we learned how important it is to be mentally healthy.

Whether it was at home or work, everyone started to put their mental health first. And here we are, in the first month of 2021, trying to improve our lives.

We know that sometimes it’s quite difficult to make certain changes, so we prepared a list of tips to help you balance your life.


1. Take care of your cognitive and mental health

Spend time with yourself; read, meditate, relax. Time management is a necessary process so that we achieve all the proposed goals and have time to do other activities - namely managing the balance between personal and professional life. Time management reduces stress because the notion of lack of time or lost time disappears. Cultivate your curiosity and be open to learning new things to stimulate cognitive development.

Reduce stress in daily life, make time for family and recreational activities, get enough sleep, seek specialized help if you experience depression or anxiety.


2. Be optimistic

Choose to see the positive side of all aspects of life; laugh, smile, and live every day with optimism. Humour and optimism are skills and characteristics that help improve mental health. Our personal perspective on life influences us more than we think, and the interpretation of daily aspects, events and episodes define and influence our future actions.



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3. Adopt an active lifestyle

An active lifestyle helps improve the quality of life, gives endurance and flexibility, supports bone strengthening, improves well-being, immunity and helps maintain a healthy weight.


4. Adopt a healthy and balanced diet

A balanced diet is essential for the body to ensure its need for nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, to maintain the integrity of cells, tissues, and organs, and for their proper functioning. Poor nutrition can lead to the development of health problems, from the onset of fatigue and lack of energy to severe complications such as growth deficiencies.

A balanced diet should contain foods from all major groups and in the right proportions to ensure optimal nutrition for the body. Eat foods according to your body's needs and caloric needs and reduce the intake of processed foods.

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5. Get some rest
Healthy people sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. Time for relaxation and recreation is essential for the body and mind. It is also important that those hours be slept at night - sleeping during periods when the body should not necessarily rest is equivalent to poor and incomplete sleep.
Thus, the endocrine system does not produce melatonin (the hormone responsible for drowsiness) in sufficient quantities, or production is completely affected.

6. Spend quality time with family and friends
Even if you don’t see each other face to face, you can talk on the phone or make video calls. Spending time with our loved ones improves well-being, helps us achieve our goals, reduces stress and depression, provides support, encouragement, and trust.
Let’s celebrate together this month! Use the tag #GetABalancedLifeMonth in your social media posts, share your tips with others and let everyone know what you do for a healthier lifestyle.