8 Tricks To Break Routine When Working Remotely

8 Tricks To Break Routine When Working Remotely

by Sally Walters

Remote work is one of the most discussed work related subjects these past few months. Working from home can be alluring due to its obvious benefits, and more and more people are facing challenges when merging personal and professional life into the same space.


According to recent statistics, 42% of the American workforce continues to work remotely, compared to 2019 when only 7% of the employed population in the US worked from home. 

For most of the people working from home for the first time, their activity can be restricted by a lack of formal policies or training. And the ones already used to working remotely will eventually find themselves stuck in a routine. 


So how can you keep being motivated and productive while working from home - no matter if you’ve just started or you’ve been doing it for a while now?


Make sure you stay on track with these simple 8 steps to break the WFH routine:


1. Stay on schedule

The key to productivity when working from home is being organized. For this to be effective, you need to know your work-style. When does your creativity & productivity peak? Are you an early bird or a night owl? Try to come up with a schedule that works for you and stick with it. This way, you have control over your time and you make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself.


2. Keep track of your time

Make breaks official! Contrary to the general idea, studies have shown that taking a break increases productivity. Taking small breaks can help you refocus your attention.

One trick to keep track of time is to set alarms throughout the day to remind yourself when it’s time to get up and do a few stretches. 


3. Redesign your workspace

Keeping your workspace organized gets you more room to breathe, improves efficiency and use of time. A clean workspace increases persistence by 84%. It helps you stay focused and get things done without distractions and waste. 

Improve your experience by playing some music in the background, getting better lighting, and adding a couple of plants around to maintain an optimal level of oxygen. Remember not to work in the same room you sleep in as this can decrease your productivity.


Source: Freepik

4. Get *actually* dressed up for work

While you can still enjoy wearing sweatpants and slippers, changing your clothes especially for work helps you go through the motions and prepare for the day ahead. 


5. Don’t forget to exercise

We know this one can be tricky. Your private space is now a workspace and a gym? You can still practice low-impact exercises such as yoga or stretching. Another thing to do is set daily goals in your health app so it can monitor your steps. Start walking around the house. Every step counts - even if it’s just in your home.


6. Hydrate … and then rehydrate!

You have probably heard that tons of times already. But think of it this way: the best advice given to athletes is to drink water regularly. Why is that? So that they perform at their highest level. Water transports the nutrients you need to give you energy and stay focused. It also regulates your body temperature and strengthens your joints. If it helps athletes, it will help you as well, won’t it?


7. Step away from desk meals  

Turn your meals into an event. When you feel hungry and you know it’s time to eat, close the computer and spend a few minutes sitting down and just focusing on your lunch in another setting. 

Eating at your desk can cause extra stress and diminish productivity - and can actually make you eat more without realizing it. It is best to have breakfast or lunch in the kitchen to get a balanced intake, rest your eyes, and refresh your mind. Avoid eating fast and enjoy your little break.


8. Stay connected

Last but not least, stay connected. Some might experience stronger isolation feelings than others. Collaborate with another team or work colleague. You don’t necessarily have to work on the same projects to keep in touch. One way to do this is to stay up to date with what’s happening around the world. Send them news or cute pet pics - quality bonding time guaranteed! Humans are social beings after all.


Happy remote working!


Source: Freepik