Mother's Day May 9th - A letter to mothers all over the world

Mother's Day May 9th - A letter to mothers all over the world

by Sally Walters

One day is not enough to express all the gratitude and love we have for our mothers. However, we’d still like to give it a try.


Life begins with a mother. Our first breath, first embrace, first taste of the outside world - all of it starts with... you. With you, mom(s).

Thank you for showing us the way. Teaching us how to navigate through life - even when it gets tough, or when it gets messy. 

Thank you for making breakfast in the mornings, even when you didn’t feel like it. Even after you no longer had to because we knew how to pour our own bowls of cereal.

Thank you for every car ride, every thoughtful vacation and adventure you created for us. Every memory we shared. Every laugh and song.

Thank you for the hugs after a long, tiring day and thank you for being a safety net when we need it the most.

We are grateful for the serious talks, and little nudges in the right direction. We may not always like what we hear, but deep down, we know you’re right. And sometimes we’ll even listen, though we probably won’t tell you that.

We know the care and fear over your child never really goes away. But we’re here to tell you that we care for you, too. Sometimes, even fear for you. From the moment we realized how fragile we all can be; the second we understood that Moms and Dads are as human as we are (though some of us still struggle with the concept). As imperfect, as flawed.

The ease with which you did chores, helped with homework, played with us - it’s clear now that none of it was as easy as you made it seem. And - speaking of chores - thank you for making us clean our rooms. You made it easier to handle adult life.

Thank you for showing us the importance of health. The balanced meals, the homemade, low-sugar desserts, the vitamins. The veggies and fruits. The necessity of physical activity.

You are one of Elderberry Hill’s inspirations. 

We pictured you: looking through lists of ingredients, reading millions of pages about the benefits of this and that, trying to do what’s best for you and your family. We wanted to make your life easier, as you did with ours so, so many times.

We love you, mom(s), for helping us grasp just how important our health is.

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And we meant every word we said! We love you, moms. 

We love you, and we know that without you, there’s no way this world could be. Without you, our lives would be a bit more difficult and a lot more empty. 

And as imperfect and as flawed -  you, mom(s), are the heroes.

Thank you.