Useful Tips To Stay Healthy During Winter

Useful Tips To Stay Healthy During Winter

by Sally Walters

Winter’s just around the corner, and that means extra precautions and sometimes extra stress. It’s hard to stay on top of your ‘health game’ even if it’s not freezing outside!

Given the particular worldwide health problems we’re facing this year, a little extra precaution during the winter time might be just what the doctor ordered!

That being said, we’ve compiled a list of health-boosting tips and tricks for you to try during the cold season. Hopefully you’ll manage to keep the flu, runny nose, colds and all others at bay!

It doesn’t have to be the winter of our discontent, so without further ado, let’s delve right into it!

1. Keep Warm!

I know this one probably goes without saying, but just to be sure, we’re adding it to the list anyway!

Some great ways to keep warm despite the cold weather outside are:

Layer your clothes! Don’t go for that one big sweater, try building your way up!

You can also use an electric blanket if your home is really chill.

If you’re doing physical activity outside, be careful when you stop. Don’t stay outside in sweaty or wet clothes, you’ll run a risk for colds, or even pneumonia!

2. Stay active!

Staying active during the cold seasons is very important for your body! It will help keep your body in shape, strengthen your immune system and boost your mood.

If it’s not too cold outside, you can take short walks or go for a run. If you’re stuck inside, there are numerous videos on home physical activities to get you started.

Even picking up a beginners Yoga course a couple of times a week can help your body immensely!

3. Keep your spirits up!

This is something you've probably heard many times, if you’re feeling down during winter.

Actually, most people suffer from some form of ‘winter blues’, or seasonal depression as it’s often called. There’s no easy or fast fix for this, but exposure to bright natural light can help lessen its effects on your mind.

Exercise is also known to be an immense mood increaser.

It’s actually one of the most recommended activities in case of winter blues or depression in general!

Keeping your mind busy and happy is as important as keeping your body healthy. In fact, the two share a bond so important that most of the times, if you’re down and sad, or stressed, or depressed, your immune system is also weakened, leaving you exposed.

Source: Unsplash

4. Check your heating systems!

Have your heating system checked out and serviced professionally! It’s the perfect time to make sure that everything is clean, working as intended and generally in top shape.

Imagine having your heating system break down in the middle of winter, in freezing cold temperatures. That’s a nightmare!

Not to mention that winter is the busiest season, so having someone come service your system might take a while! Get everything done in time!

5. Road salt!

Don’t run the risk of getting stuck with your car. Keeping road salt in your trunk is recommended in most states that have snowfall.

It’s a lot better to have it and not need it, than to not have it and need it! Not to mention that it is also handy around the house. 

Patches of ice around your sidewalk? On your front step?

Easy! Sprinkle some road salt and you’ll get rid of it in minutes!

There are a lot of extra things you could be doing, but this small list should have you on your way to a comfortable and safe winter.

Remember to stay safe and enjoy the holidays!

Source: Unsplash